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Dharni Khatri, your pharmacist

Your pharmacist, Dharni

Meet Dharni Khatri, our esteemed pharmacist at Essence Dispensary, bringing nearly a decade of pharmaceutical expertise to our team. Dharni’s roots in a Hindu household have deeply influenced her holistic approach to wellbeing. 

From a young age, she experienced the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicine and natural therapies, administered by her mother, to address minor ailments within the family. Dharni’s father, a hypnotherapist, illuminated the power of the mind and the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself.

With a personal passion for mental health, psychology, and the mind-body connection, Dharni believes in the complementary roles of natural and pharmaceutical products in promoting overall wellbeing. Bridging the gap between these approaches, she strives to provide patients with comprehensive care. 

Dharni also brings firsthand experience in non-pharmacological wellbeing practices, including yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation, enriching her approach to patient care and fostering a holistic journey to wellbeing. Over the past decade, Dharni has cultivated meaningful relationships with patients, actively participating in their journeys to find relief for a wide spectrum of contemporary conditions and disorders. This hands-on experience, both in the clinic and in the school of life, has shaped her understanding of how symptoms manifest and where the integration of pharmaceuticals and self-care can provide effective solutions.

Dr Faisal (MBBS, BSc, DCP, AMC Cert)

Dr Faisal has lived and worked in Australia for last 10 years. He’s gained valuable and extensive experience practising medicine in different countries. He worked in mental health services in Tasmania (North West Regional Hospital). Three years later he moved to Queensland working at hospitals in Redland and Logan in the Acute Care Team and the Homeless Health Outreach Team, respectively.

After three years in the mental health field and receiving his diploma in Clinical Psychiatry, he retrained as a GP and practiced through the National Home Doctor Service.

Given his mental health specialist knowledge and experience, Dr Faisal has a strong interest in exploring new treatments for certain conditions that are not easily treated by “normal” or traditional/conventional medicines. He’s an authorised prescriber for Medicinal Cannabis.

Dr Faisal understands different cultures and is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Essence Dispensary partners with healthcare professionals who share our passion for genuine patient support and an integrative approach to health and wellbeing. Our team dispenses alternative medicine onsite and collaborates with Dr Faisal to ensure our range of alternative medicine for prescriptions is optimal and in-stock ready for dispensing in person at Essence Dispensary or for delivery by express post.

Dr Faisal is regularly onsite at Essence Dispensary for in-person consults or telehealth appointments. To book, call the Essence Dispensary team on 07 3398 3420.

Ellie Partoredjo, naturopath

As a degree qualified Naturopath, Ellie wishes to support individuals and families with managing acute or chronic health concerns by focusing on the fundamentals of health and holistic evidence-based practice. From a passion of holistic well-being, Ellie is deeply committed to understanding each individual’s needs and negotiating a treatment regime that fosters wellness empowerment for sustainable health outcomes.

 Naturopathy aligns with Essence Dispensary’s holistic approach to wellbeing and wellness. Naturopathic medicine revolves around identifying and addressing the underlying pathophysiology that manifests as symptoms, blending traditional herbal knowledge with evidence-based practices to stimulate the body’s innate healing processes. Through this philosophy and health education, naturopaths help individuals to feel empowered to build foundations for health and disease prevention.

Ellie is onsite at Essence Dispensary every Friday for in-person consultations.
To book, call the Essence Dispensary team on 07 3398 3420.

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