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Send us your script / E-script

We welcome everyone to discover the Essence Dispensary experience

Do you already have a prescription/script for alternative medicine and had your scripts filled/dispensed from a different pharmacy?

To transfer your script to Essence Dispensary, there’s two ways to do this: 

  1. For e-scripts, email your tokens and TGA approvals to or upload through the form below.
  2. For paper-based scripts, we can only accept this directly from a pharmacy or a clinic/doctor—we can’t accept paper-based scripts directly from patients. Let us know which pharmacy last dispensed your medication and we can arrange all the paperwork for you. 

Please note: all clinics and pharmacies transferring scripts to Essence Dispensary must post original paper scripts to us within 7 days of sending us the faxed/scanned copy.

Send Us Your E-Script & TGA approval