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A natural path forward, together

We’re a patient-centred clinic, dispensing alternative medicine through collaborative relationships with healthcare professionals. We create a caring space where people are empowered on their natural path forward, together with the Essence Dispensary team’s tailored support.



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We welcome everyone to discover the Essence experience. 

People can assess their eligibility for alternative medicines below. People with an existing prescription can transfer their scripts to Essence Dispensary below or instore.


On the path with you

At Essence Dispensary, we embrace a holistic approach to your wellbeing, recognising the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional health in your journey to wellness.

We’re here to support you on your path to move forward. Our commitment lies in a close collaboration with you to set and follow your prescriptions guidelines, tailoring our guidance to your experience with any side effects or concerns for a truly effective and personalised approach. Beyond medication, we explore your lifestyle, seeking opportunities for holistic improvements to optimise your overall wellbeing.

Keep in mind that every body is unique and as a result the experience may vary. Alternative medicine may not be for you, but we will help you to discover whether this is a path that moves you forward, out of pain and suffering. 

Working with us

Small pharmacy, national reach

If you’ve arrived here, it’s not your first attempt to get relief from pain or treating specific conditions. Alternative medicines aren’t a first-line prescription and eligibility must be assessed.

If your doctor has prescribed you alternative medicine, you can get your prescription filled instore or by post for all locations in Australia.

New patients can assess their eligibility for alternative medicines below.


Your pharmacist, dharni

Essence Dispensary was founded in late 2023 by pharmacist, Dharni Khatri, when she was called to be dedicated to this alternative medicine field.

Both profession and belief led Dharni here.

Dharni’s roots in a Hindu household deeply influenced her holistic approach to wellbeing. She grew up seeing the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicine and learning about the power of the mind-body connection through hypnotherapy.

Today, she practices a holistic approach to life with yoga, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. These experiences enrich her relationships with patients to create a deeper way to achieve better health and wellbeing.

Team effort

Working with doctors

Our team is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and supportive relationship with medical professionals (i.e. doctors and registered nurses) to ensure the optimal wellbeing of our patients. We prioritise open communication between all parties to achieve the best possible outcomes for your health and quality of life.

Acknowledging the recursive and deepening relationship between medical professional, pharmacist and patient, we intuitively understand when it’s time to give you the nudge to revisit your medical professional. Patient care and comprehensive support is at the core of our approach, making it a true team effort.

Essence Dispensary’s network of medical professionals is built on a focused professional working relationship that rallies around shared goals and enhances the overall experience. We collaborate and provide education to develop valuable specialised knowledge. By sharing insights gained along the way, we continuously learn more about how to best support patients from all angles.

Dharni Khatri

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At Essence Dispensary we understand the importance of utilising the right tools for efficient medication use. We recognise that using the wrong tools or using medication incorrectly can be a costly mistake in terms of time, money, and hope.

Our commitment extends to spending the necessary time with patients, demonstrating proper medication use techniques, and assisting them in setting a positive mindset for their treatment regime.

Our alternative medication range is extensive and high-quality, available in-person or conveniently delivered by express post anywhere in Australia.