Essence Dispensary

Our story

About Essence Dispensary

Essence Dispensary was founded in late 2023 by pharmacist, Dharni Khatri. Accompanying her is Jay Kumar, a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in the vape industry.

Together, we are dedicated to ensuring our patients not only have the right tools but also know how to use them to optimise their treatment.

Our unique support gives patients the knowledge needed to discover whether the pathway of alternative medicine is appropriate to move them forward, out of pain and suffering. We’re here to work together with patients to establish and follow their prescription’s protocol and finding the best way to modify it in view of your experience with any side effects or concerns. Every body is different, and so is the experience. 

Essence Dispensary’s network of healthcare professionals is built on a focused professional working relationship that rallies around the goals and fortifies the experience. We collaborate and educate to build useful, specialist knowledge. By sharing insights gained along the way, we learn more about how to best support patients from all angles.


We’re here to support you on your path to move forward. Our dispensary’s door is open for the chats, check ins, and the guidance sessions. We establish personalised service for each patient to give them the support needed at each step of the path. We aim to create a caring space for patients can drop in and talk through their experiences and address any concerns.


Embodying the change you wish to see, we empower patients and dilute the stigma. We’re built on being patient centred. Our alternative medication range is extensive and high-quality, ready in-person or for convenient delivery anywhere in Australia.


We have the right tools to effectively uptake the medication. Patients won't lose the time, money or hope by using the wrong tools or administering it incorrectly. We spend the time needed with patients to show them how to take their medication correctly and how to set their mindset for the treatment regime and their general wellbeing.