Essence Dispensary

Dr. Faisal

Essence Dispensary's Healthcare Consultant | MBBS, BSC, DCP, AMC CERT

Dr. Faisal has spent the last decade in Australia, bringing extensive medical experience from various countries. He worked in mental health services at Tasmania’s North West Regional Hospital, then at Redland and Logan hospitals in Queensland, focusing on acute care and homeless health outreach.

After earning his diploma in Clinical Psychiatry and three years in mental health, Dr. Faisal retrained as a GP with the National Home Doctor Service. His expertise in mental health drives his interest in innovative treatments, including Medicinal Cannabis, for conditions not easily treated by conventional medicine.

Fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi, Dr. Faisal values cultural diversity. At Essence Dispensary, he collaborates with our team to provide optimal alternative medicines, available in person or by express post.