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Getting the Essence Dispensary experience

How you can join us on a natural path forward, together.

We’re a patient-centred clinic, dispensing alternative medicine through collaborative relationships with healthcare professionals. We create a caring space where people are empowered on their natural path forward, together with the Essence Dispensary team’s tailored support.

This article explores how we work with people who are exploring alternative medicine to get relief from pain or to treat specific conditions. And how we work with healthcare professionals who see how it benefits patients and are prescribing alternative medicines.

For patients

Considering alternative medicines comes in many stages for people. They might be:

  • working on a current condition with non-alternative medicines (i.e. traditional/conventional medicine) without success
  • hearing or seeing good things in a family member or friend with their condition/pain lessening or improving and wondering whether alternative medicine could help their medical condition
  • being advised they’re eligible for alternative medicine through an assessment
  • using alternative medicine already and looking for more support on how to use the medication effectively or to modify the protocol in view of side effects or concerns.

No matter which category people fall into, chatting with the specialist Essence Dispensary team will assist through:

  • Giving an understanding of the range of medicinal cannabis products available in Australia currently.
  • Sharing good, evidence-based information on how these products work on the endocannabinoid system.
  • Sharing real-life examples of how it’s helped other people with similar or the same conditions.
  • Discussing lifestyle and how making holistic improvements to optimise wellbeing can assist.
  • Giving a demonstration of proper medication use techniques.

The Essence Dispensary team also urges people to keep in mind that everyone’s body is unique and as a result the experience may vary. And importantly, the Essence Dispensary team does not promote the use of medicinal cannabis in all patients. Medical advice must always be given by a healthcare practitioner. Alternative medicine may not be for everyone, but we help our customers/patients to discover whether this is a path that moves them forward, out of pain and suffering. 

Once people have a prescription for alternative medicine, the Essence Dispensary team will support them on their path to move forward. We’re committed to collaborating closely with people and giving them a unique and deep level of support. We acknowledge comprehensive care includes knowing when it’s time to give people the nudge to go back to their doctor. Patient care and wellbeing is a team effort.

For healthcare professionals

Essence Dispensary’s network of healthcare professionals is built on a focused professional working relationship that rallies around shared goals and enhances the overall experience. We collaborate and provide education to develop valuable specialised knowledge. By sharing insights gained along the way, we continuously learn more about how to best support patients from all angles.

Healthcare professionals might be:

  • prescribing medicinal cannabis currently and want to know where to send their patients to get comprehensive and ongoing support
  • considering joining a referral network to prescribe medicinal cannabis
  • looking for more information and insights around how alternative medications are helping people more holistically or effectively than first-line prescriptions
  • expanding their alternative medicine networks
  • moving their medical practice into an integrated medicine field
  • looking for smoking cessation solutions and nicotine replacement therapies via the Special Access Scheme C (SAS C) pathway.

The Essence Dispensary team is committed to redefining patient care by seamlessly integrating alternative medicine into holistic healthcare approaches. Our mission aligns with professionals who share our passion for genuine patient support and an integrative approach to health. To join our network, click here.

We welcome everyone to discover the Essence Dispensary experience. We’re ready and excited to help.