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The difference between Juice Vs Oil

Essence Dispensary: Juice VS Oil

CBD Oil vs. Vape Juice: Understanding the Differences

We have all witnessed a surge in CBD products over recent years. In every industry in which wellness is concerned, you’ll likely find a plethora of CBD products. However, there are two that stand firm as the most sought-after: CBD oil and vape juice. Today, Essence Dispensary will discuss these two products, explaining the benefits and differences between them. While both CBD products can enhance our well-being, they differ in their composition, effects, and methods of use. It is essential to understand the difference between them to make an informed decision about which one is right for you. 

What is CBD Oil, and How is it Used?

One question our team is often asked is what CBD oil is and how exactly it is used. CBD oil is a concentrated hemp extract that contains high levels of cannabidiol, cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. It is extracted from the plant using solvent or CO2 processes, ensuring maximum potency. 

There are two ways to ingest CBD oil. It is often placed underneath the tongue, known as sublingual administration.

When ingested this way, it should be held beneath the tongue for up to one minute before swallowing.

This method enables CBD oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream through our mucous membranes.

However, we are seeing many new patients mix it into food and beverages for a more pleasurable and discreet experience. 

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD products have been said to have numerous benefits, easing the symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, nausea, epilepsy, heart health, and much more. The specific benefits of using CBD oil include versatility, dosage control, and long-lasting effects.  CBD oil can be taken in various ways, making it incredibly convenient for the consumer. It is also easy to measure the dosage by controlling the amount of drops consumed, and when taken sublingually, it can offer long-lasting effects compared to other consumption methods. However, you should always consult a doctor before considering any new supplement or alternative medicine.

What is CBD Vape Juice, and How Does it Differ from CBD Oil?

When comparing CBD vape juice versus CBD oil, the primary differences are consumption and composition. CBD vape juice is specifically formulated for use in vaping devices, such as vape pens and e-cigs. Unlike CBD oil, vape juice is formulated to be heated and inhaled. There are several brands of vape juice, but most are composed of CBD isolate, broad spectrum/full-spectrum CBD extract, along with vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and various flavourings. 

When CBD vape juice is evaporated and inhaled into the lungs, it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through our pulmonary alveoli. This enables its effects to kick in within minutes. Unlike the absorption method of CBD oil, vaping bypasses the digestive system, resulting in faster effects. If you have any questions or concerns about which product is best for you, check out our blogs or FAQs to learn more. 

Benefits of CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice can have similar medicinal benefits to oil, but there are certain benefits unique to vaping.

Using a vape is also discreet and convenient and can be customised with various flavours and strengths.

Firstly, the effects of the product are more rapid as the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

However, vaping may not be the right choice and can have detrimental effects on people with certain medical conditions.

Choosing Between CBD Oil and CBD Vape Juice

When deciding between CBD oil and vape juice, it is important to consider various factors. Depending on your intended use, preferences, and lifestyle, there are a few key points worth thinking about. 

It is essential to consider the method of administration you would prefer and determine whether inhaling vapour or ingesting CBD oil sublingually would be best.

It is also worth thinking about what flavour you would prefer, and which would be the most convenient choice.

Furthermore, specific methods of consumption might have adverse effects on different people, so it is essential to consult a professional.

Factors to Consider When Choosing CBD Products

Whether you choose CBD oil or vape juice, there are also considerations worth making when thinking about using CBD altogether. The concentration in products can vary, so ensure it is right for you. If unsure which strength is best, you can send your script to a dispensary for professional guidance. Additionally, check the ingredients on the product to ensure they are high-quality and don’t contain anything that might be harmful to you. When considering any well-being product, it is always best to look for something that has also been third-party tested for extra safety. 

Which is Right for You: CBD Oil or CBD Vape Juice?

When choosing between CBD oil and vape juice, it comes down to individual preferences and wellness needs. For those prioritising fast, effective, and convenient usage, it might be worth considering CBD vape juice, but if you want a more versatile product without the need for vaping and easy dosage control, it might be best to consider oil. Remember, always consult a healthcare professional before trying either, enabling you to make the most informed decision possible.  

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Here’s a quick look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get:

Can I mix CBD oil with vape juice?

Many people ask if you can add CBD oil to vape juice, but the answer is a strict no. Mixing the two should never be done as it could have potentially dangerous consequences. CBD oil is often made with ingredients that can be harmful if heated and inhaled. 

Is CBD Vape Juice the Same as CBD Oil?

No, both products are composed and consumed differently and intended for different purposes. To find out more about both products, feel free to contact us. Depending on your preference and needs, it is likely that one of them will be more suitable for you. 

What Are the Health Implications of Vaping CBD?

Vaping is widely considered a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without risk. There are various potential health implications, such as potential irritation to the respiratory tract, exposure to harmful chemicals, or lung inflammation. 

How to Store CBD Products Properly?

When storing CBD products, it is recommended to keep them in a cool and dark place away from heat or direct sunlight. This will help the products maintain freshness and potency for as long as possible. When CBD oil or vape juice is exposed to extreme heat or fluctuations in temperature, the quality of the product will most likely degrade. 

Can You Add Flavour to CBD Vape Juice?

One of the primary benefits of using CBD vape juice is the plethora of flavours available. The choices of flavours are nearly endless and can be altered using food-grade flavourings. However, you should not try to adjust the flavour yourself, leave it to the supplier.

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